Friday's Letters

Photobucket Dear Life, Loving you right now <3.  Dear SITStahs, Thank You for making my feature day so awesome. I am currently working my way through the list so that I can visit each of you!  Slowly but surely!  Dear Ollie, I am so proud of you completing your first whole week of school.  It sure is tiring you out so I know you're looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  I love hearing about what you are doing each day and the friends you have made!  Dear Nate,  You are still waking each and every night and we are trying to wean you off the nighttime bottle.  You're not just waking for the bottle though... something else is still bothering you and I wish I knew what it was.  On another note, isn't it nice having one on one time... Ollie had one on one time when he was a baby and now it's your turn to have the same attention while he is at school.  Dear Hubby, I am so excited for our date tonight and am also excited about the fact that our meal for 2 is free seeing as I WON IT!  Dear MacBook Pro, Why are you not a MacBook Air?