Nate's Birthday

Nate turned 3 a few weeks ago and we had a wonderful time with both a birthday day, just family, and then a proper party a week later.

His birthday always comes so quickly after Christmas that it hits us like BAM and we are sat choosing presents again (even though he doesn't need very much) and wrapping again.  Sick of the sight of wrapping paper haha.  It was all worth it though when he woke on his birthday morning.  I'm so glad it was a Sunday, so James didn't have to take a day off work to be with us.

This year he unwrapped a Spiderman scooter, a Teenage Ninja Turtles dress up, Playdoh, a toolbox, a Nerf gun and some superheroes!  Each unwrapping was met with a grin and a gasp... so much fun watching him open presents.  

I served the boys Brioche for breakfast and then we got up and dressed to take the boys out on their scooter/ skateboard.  It was freeeeeezing so we didn't stay out long, just long enough for Nate to get somewhat to grips with how his scooter worked.  We grabbed a KFC on the way home and waited for Uncle Ryan to drop by.  He had a family ticket for W5 and we thought it would make a great birthday outing!

After spending a few hours in W5, we went to Nando's for dinner.  It's always a fail safe for us, the boys love the food there and they get all you can eat frozen yoghurt afterwards!  When dinner was done it was straight home for cake and bed.  Hulk cake that is.

2015 Goals

Each year I make a list of goals for the year... and I call them goals because I think the word resolutions holds too much pressure.  Goals would suggest trying.... resolutions carries a lot more in the way of failure if you can't rigidly stick to them.  Here are the five things I most want to work on this year!

1.  Establish my photography business!  I want to be a photographer.  I'm practicing and practicing and am still getting to grips with my camera and lenses and I want to work hard on my portfolio this year.  Nate starts nursery school in September so I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands!

2.  Take better care of myself!  This one is more because I turned 30 in the last year... I know I need to look after myself better.  I want to get into a habit of either running or doing yoga 4 times a week, lose a little weight and I need to drink more water and A LOT less Coke.

3.  Say yes more often.  This is a goal I set every year because it's super important and there is always room for improvement.  I am guilty of saying "in a minute" or "we will do it later", when really the most important thing is the boys, chores etc can wait.  I also need to consciously put my phone and computer away for a while and really absorb all the wonderful things that are happening in my day.

4.  Knuckle down and STUDY.  This year I started on a degree course part-time.  I love it and I am doing well, but to be honest, there is so much room for improvement where study is concerned.  I am getting good marks without putting all my effort in, so imagine what I could get if I REALLY TRY.

5.  Get serious about saving.

I'm late to the party in posting my goals for the year but it's still January, so it still counts!

A Whole Year Of Sibling Photos

Last year I decided to join in with a bunch of other bloggers, in taking at least one really nice photo of our kids each month.  The boys are running crazy or doing their own thing so often that it's hard to get a nice one of them together.  They are also at an age now where they hate to stand still for photos, so one a month is quite enough.  I love being able to see how they've both changed!













New Year, New Blog... Sort Of

Happy New Year!!

I'm not really starting a new blog, but rather giving this blog a new start.  I fell way behind towards the end of last year for a ton of reasons.  That isn't to say that I didn't have things that I wanted to share and post about, but rather, it just wasn't a good time and I lacked the enthusiasm to sit down and document our goings-on.

But it's a new year and with that comes a whole bout of inspiration and new energy, including that for the blog.

Also, there is super loads to catch up on so bare with me while I get my crap together!

How Thirty Feels

I realise that I haven't been very consistent with posting on my blog lately.  Life has been quite the whirlwind since September started.  I find myself either insanely business or lacking even a particle of motivation.  Neither of which is conducive to keeping up a blog haha!

Anyway... I've been 30 for almost 3 months now and I think back to the start of July when I was apprehensive about turning the big 3-0.  Why was I so worried?

It sounds so clich├ęd but I literally waited until midnight, while James slept beside me, waiting for the hand to tick over to officially announce that it was my 30th birthday, and the moment it clicked, I felt different.  Yep, it sounds really silly and maybe it is all in my head... but I felt great.

I woke on the morning of the 16th July so ready to start being 30.

In the last 3 months I've passed my driving test, started at a yoga class, joined a running club, ran my first 5k, my second 5k and my first 10k, I started my degree course, I let go of grudges and broken friendships and I started paying more attention to my important and existing friendships in my life.  It's been so good and I hope the rest of my year can go just as well.  I've more planned... more goals to reach for and things to keep me busy.  I'm happier and settled in myself, comfortable in my own skin and confident of the wisdom I've gained in my 30 years on earth.  30 is actually awesome.