20/31: The Best Thing To Happen This Year

Should I be choosing just ONE thing that i the best?  Choosing just one thing in these type of situations, is really hard for me... like choosing ONE favourite food or ONE favourite movie... I can't.  

This year has been a bit of a stressy year with hubby leaving his job.  The nice, comfy job he had for more than 8 years.  He/ we talked about him working for himself for a while and in February that's what happened.  He left Kainos and became his own company with a contract starting just a couple days later.  It became evident quite quickly that we would be ok.  As a contractor he was being offered a lot of work and was able to choose which he would like to do.  There have been bumps along the way getting used to a different pay, different things we need to pay for... but he is SO much happier doing what he is doing now than he was working in his last job. A happy hubby is a huge part of having a happy family!

Another good thing that happened this year was that I passed my driving test!  Woohoo.  My 4th attempt.  I thought for sure that I failed, but the examiner turned to me and told me I'd passed and handed me my pass certificate.  I've never felt such relief and now I just need to spend some time driving by myself to get fully used to the freedom I've now got.  I also never have to do that awful test again!

There have been other good things happen this year... but those are two big things :)

What's happened for you this year? :)

18/31: What I Collect

I guess I am kind of a hoarder.  I hoard things that are important to me.  I have a couple of boxes in the attic full of tickets from old gigs or trips to the cinema and notes passed in school between me and my friends.  So in terms of what I would consider to be collections... I guess I've quite a few going on.

{ONE}  Stationery.  I love stationery of all kinds.  Notebooks, pads of sticky labels, gel pens, stickers, washi tape, cute notecards and postcards.

{TWO}  Magazines.

{THREE}  Pandora beads on my Pandora bracelet.

What do YOU collect?

17/31: A Day In The Life Of Me!

Today I've detailed a day in the life of me (well, in the life of me and the boys and James haha! I've always been interested in how others spend their days... I am a person who loves routine and following to-do lists.  I thrive on predictability in my day.  I love knowing what is going to happen or who I am going to see/ what I am going to do.  One of the funnest things I do in the week is fill out my calendar!  Is that totally ridiculous? A normal day in the life of me (during summer break) goes as follows:

6.30 - 7.00am  Ollie bounds into the room shouting "morning", every morning, closely followed by Nate who says "morning" from behind his dummy!  They climb in beside James and I and we snuggle together, play the ipod and we all snooze a little more.  James then gets ready and leaves for work.


8.30am  We are normally still chilling out on the bed, chatting, playing etc.  I then go and make the boys breakfast... though sometimes Ollie takes care of this.  He LOVES cereal.  I don't have any breakfast.


9.00am  I check my reader, twitter and facebook quickly and then do a tidy of downstairs.... dishes etc.  I normally get a load of laundry on to wash too.  When I've done my few chores we play together and have a relaxed morning.


10.00am  I shower, dress, do my hair and then my makeup and then I dress the boys.  I then tidy the bedroom and make my bed.  Ollie and Nate play independently with lego, Minecraft, PS3 cars, drawing, chasing the dog...  Ollie is so good these days at occupying Nate for me while I am otherwise engaged and he loves the responsibility.  

11.00am  Nate has a short nap.


12.30pm  Once Nate wakes from his nap I make lunch for them both.  This normally consists of toast and baked beans, omelette or anything with eggs...

1.00pm  After lunch I decide what Ollie, Nate and I are going to do. Sometimes we meet friends for lunch, sometimes we wander around the shops and pick something up for dinner or sometimes we have a house day and play in the garden or go to the park or a walk around the forest.


3.15pm  We arrive home from whatever we have been doing, Ollie and Nate kick off their shoes and settle on the sofa to watch some tv and have wind down time.  I will change a load of laundry in the dryer etc and plan what to have for dinner.

4.30pm  James arrives home and takes over the childcare while I make dinner.


5.00pm  We have dinner together and then spend the rest of the evening playing, watching tv, chatting, going for a walk in the forest, to the playpark, getting ready for bed and clearing up the dinner things.

7.00pm  Nate goes to bed first and once he is settled Ollie goes to bed!


7.15pm-?  James and I normally relax together for the rest of the night until bedtime.  We normally watch a movie together and have chocolate!  I will blog, edit photos, catch up on emails and twitter etc or I'll go for a run.  Bedtime for us can be anything from 10.30-12!


So what do you do with your day??

We are more than halfway through the challenge and almost half of you have dropped off... whoops... hope you're able to catch up :)

16/31: If I Won The Lottery

I have always thought about how it would be lovely to win just the right amount of money to cover a few things, set a little aside, have a little fun and be comfortable.  No more than that... I don't need MILLIONS... A silly dream though considering that James and I have never played the lottery.  Ever.  If I did ever happen to win an amount, I just wouldn't need the entire jackpot.

I'd first of all like to win enough to pay off debts (mortgage, car payments, credit card), give an amount to various charities and then I would buy a 5 bedroom house with huge gardens (and hire someone to take care of said gardens!)... large enough to have all my future grandchildren to stay/ big family Christmases etc.  I'd also buy a lovely car, pay off some of my families debts, buy my boys and my brothers a car each and put enough away for a downpayment on both of my boys first homes or weddings or pay their university fees etc.  Also, a few holidays... need money put aside for those.

I'd like to start my own photography business in the future, so with some of the winnings I could buy a lot of new equipment... and I LOVE clothes shopping, so would have to fill my wardrobe with new clothes.

Ah, one can dream!

Hello, World!

15/31: Top Of My Wander-list

I have forever had a NEED to travel and have forever wished it didn't cost so much.  Finances stand in the way or me and all the countries I would like to see.  I love travelling and have been very fortunate so far to see some amazing places.  I've been to Spain and France, Tunisia, Malta, India, Cuba and the US.  My list of places to see is ever growing though and I haven't travelled since our honeymoon (I mean, we've gone to Scotland and England but I don't count that).  I am looking forward to the boys being a little older and being able to introduce them to some of the amazing countries on my list.  My whole list is on Pinterest.

{ONE}  Tuvalu, Ellice Islands.


{TWO} New York City, United States.


{THREE}  Hallstatt, Austria


Just looking at the photos makes me want to run and book a flight right now.  I have wandering feet.

14/31: Why I Blog

You may  or may not believe that I have been blogging for more than 6 1/2 years now!  I started blogging when I was newly pregnant with Ollie.  I'd been writing in a pregnancy journal and James was the one to suggest I keep a blog instead, that way I'd keep family informed of what was happening with baby.  I've blogged ever since and not only have I blogged my pregnancy with Ollie, but we carried on and I blogged about the 2 miscarriages, our patience in falling pregnant with Nate... and subsequently I blog about my life with my two boys and my husband.

I started because I wanted to keep a journal of my pregnancy but I just kind of never stopped and now I just couldn't.  I do plan on getting my blog printed at the end of each year, so I have a hard copy on the coffee table to flick through.  

It's so easy to forget little things, but when I look back through my posts, there are amazing things documented.  I also write because I like to write.  Plainly that.  It's therapeutic.  I've forever kept diaries and this is pretty much just the same only public!


So why do you blog?

I'm going to get around to everyone's blog posts later today.  We are back from our holiday now and I've all the time in the world.  Looking forward to catching up on everything!!

13/31 Where I Live

We live in a gorgeous little area in South Belfast called Belvoir (pronounced "Beaver" rather than "Bell-voir".  It's a house development but it is situated right beside a forest park and a play park and the Lagan towpath.


It's gorgeous and we love living here.  Close to the city but also close to a ton of greenery and space to go for weekend walks.  On a sunny day, it is my favourite place to be.  We are super lucky to have such a gorgeous space on our doorstep.  


Unfortunately though they are having to fell 6500 trees because of a tree disease, but I think it will recover ok.  Where we live includes a dentist and a doctor and a chemist, all within walking distance... a fish and chip shop, chinese takeaway, two small shops and two hair salons!  


It's a convenient and pretty place to live but I know we won't stay here forever.  In fact, we will soon be looking for our forever home and plan to be a little closer to the countryside there.

So where do you live and what's great about it?

Tomorrow's post is about why we blog!  What's your reason for keeping your own little space on the internet?

12/31: A Guilty Pleasure

We ALL have guilty pleasures... those things that you love that you are maybe reluctant to tell your friends and family about.  Maybe not so much reluctant, but they aren't things you drop into every day conversation for fear of them thinking you're weird!  We all like to indulge... and indulging in our guilty pleasures is a way to keep us grounded and keep our sanity!

When I wrote this prompt I said a guilty pleasure, as in just one... but I think I might have way more than the average person lol because I can think of LOADS!  Junk food, bad tv, bad movies, spending too much money on things I don't need... 

So here is a list...

1.  I change into leggings or pyjama bottoms when I get home.  Very rarely do I wear jeans in the house... it just isn't comfortable.
2.  I would eat takeout every night if it was affordable and healthier haha.  Indian, Chinese, Pizza... I don't mind!  Any would do.
3.  Lip balms and glosses, I don't know why I have so many.... but I keep buying them.
4.  Taking a nap when Nate naps.  So decadent to snooze during the day!
5.  Lazing out on my computer in front of the tv, surrounded by snacks and Coke.  After the kids go to bed I do NOTHING.
6.  I sing ALL THE TIME... and my singing is awful.  I know it and I don't care, because singing feels good.  I combine my singing with dancing while I do housework.  Who cares if I look and sound crap?  
7.  I like to watch tear inducing coming home videos on Youtube.  I didn't used to be soppy... now I could spend hours welling up over missionaries coming home, soldiers coming home or even over people proposing.  Ugh.
8.  I like to binge watch crappy tv shows... not crappy... crappy to others I think haha.  Hollyoaks may or may not be one of them.  I'll not watch for days, save them all up and enjoy them all in one go.
9.  I put far too much salt and sugar on everything.  I'd list salt and sugar as two of my favourite foods.
10.  I have a playlist on Spotify that includes all the music I used to listen to when I was a teenager.  I play it loud and I sing along and I pretend I'm young again and not this 30 year old with real grown up responsibilities hahaha.

Not ashamed haha.

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11/31: 5 Favourite Movies

I'd find it very hard to roundup my 5 favourite movies EVER... because there are so many that I like and they probably change all the time.  I don't think I have just one top favourite.... so many movies and so hard to choose just 5.  But here goes! 

In no particular order.... 

One  //  THE BLIND SIDE.  I cry every single time at this movie.  It's wonderful and the thing that really chokes me up about it is that IT IS ALL TRUE!  It's a proper true story.  I'm not even slightly interested in football but that plays such a small part in this.  Inspiring and heartwarming!

Two  //  SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.  I can't believe I only got around to watching this movie a few months ago, considering it's been out forever!  Such a predictable and cliched romantic movie, but that's what I like so... 

Three  //  PULP FICTION.  James doesn't understand why this makes my top movie list... It's such a clever movie and I could watch it again and again.  It's violent AND funny!

Four  //  NOW AND THEN.  Back in the day when Thora Birch and Christina Ricci were kids!  This movie isn't AMAZING, but for some reason I love it and seem to have watched it more than a handful of times.  I love coming of age movies and while this is no masterpiece, it makes me smile.

Five  //  PITCH PERFECT.  I've seen this movie a few times and laughed equally hysterically each time.  It's super funny and catchy with the soundtrack, but also I could watch Rebel Wilson ALL DAY.

As I say, this is not my top 5 movies ever list... this is just 5 of my favourite movies, the list which is ever changing and in no order at all.  Haha.  Now it's your turn!

Make sure to visit a couple of others who have linked their posts up!  Also, if linking up on Twitter, use the hashtag #BEDAoutmumbered.  You can also grab the code for the button in my sidebar.  It's also not too late to join in if you haven't already!!  These linkups aren't going anywhere for a little while!