Ever closer to 30!

I turned 28 last week!  2 years off 30 and 2 years off completing my 30 before 30 list!  I've never been someone to have issues with getting older and I still don't... my age means very little to me, I don't think I FEEL 28 or ACT 28... maybe I look 28, I'm not sure! Anyway, I had a really great birthday which started off with a girly sleepover on the Saturday night.  James and the boys went to stay at his mums house leaving me and the girls on our own.  I had 4 girls over and each brought with them the ingredients for a cocktail (I was doing margaritas!) and we ordered sushi (TOO MUCH sushi)... got very drunk and played "I've Never"... some unexpected revelations, and didn't go to bed until it was light outside at 5am.  Luckily James and the boys weren't due to arrive home until about 3pm so I got to have a little rest, and got the house cleared up before they arrived.  I haven't been so hungover in quite a while!

Monday was my actual birthday... and it was just lovely.  The boys brought me presents in bed and James surpassed himself this year.  Normally I make a list of everything I would like for my birthday and so my presents aren't exactly SURPRISES... this year I didn't.  I left James to his own devices and he picked me the best gifts!

I got 2 sets of Nails Inc. polises... gorgeous colours.  I also got a Nails Inc. Matte Effect Topcoat which I can't wait to use.  James also bought me a cute skull necklace, a ton of bath bombs from Lush and a new glass Pandora bead!

After we got dressed and ready for the day, we left for our day out, stopping by Clements on our way for coffee and a scone.  It's a family tradition on our birthdays that we have a fun family day trip somewhere and this year Ollie chose the Ulster Transport Museum.  We got there to find it was closed and that they don't open on Mondays and there was heartbreak.  He had been talking about getting into the different trains the whole way there and his heart was broken with disappointment when we said it was closed.  Lunch was planned for a pub/ restaurant called The Dirty Duck, so before lunch we stopped at the nearby train station and waited on the platform for a while so he could watch a couple of trains go past.  This eased his disappointment a little.

To make up for not going to the Transport Museum, we went to a soft play area called Mookie World.  He had a blast there and James and I took it in turns running around the different activities with him.  He used to be afraid of slides but he isn't anymore and went on every single one!

We went to my mum's house for dinner.  She cooked her famous Nigella recipe ham!  Ham cooked in treacle, mustard powder and coke... SO delicious.  This was accompanied by new potatoes, fried cabbage and leeks and my brother made a mustard mayo for the side.  It was DELICIOUS.  We also had caterpillar cake... somewhat of a family tradition!

Mum and my stepdad Harry bought me some jewellery and a new watch that I had been eyeing for a while. I love it.

I had such a perfect day with my family :)

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