This time last year...

I've never taken part in Mama Kat's Writers Workshop before and I ventured over today to see the prompts.  I've been lacking a little inspiration when it comes to blogging lately.  The very first prompt was to recycle one of your favourite posts from July of any year you've been blogging.  I went through my archive and it was only on going through my posts in July of last year that I realised....

On this day last year, I reached the 12 weeks milestone in my pregnancy with Nate (My 3rd pregnancy in our attempts to have a second child).  12 weeks was a milestone I craved but never fully imagined I would reach.  I had assumed, probably to keep further heartbreak at bay, that we would never be so lucky as to have another child.  There was the milestone. a small but visible bump and strong symptoms.

I wrote "Woohooo! I made it! 12 weeks is that milestone that a lot of people feel relaxed enough to tell family about. The rate of miscarriage drops to below 2% at 12 weeks also!! Next week is the start of my 2nd trimester and I am excited to get some energy back!"

I wrote that I'd lost half a stone in weight due to nausea, that I was craving indian food, strawberries and cheese, that my boobs were bigger and I was having mood swings!

Looking back at all we went through in trying to have a second child, I can't believe we are where we are today.  I sometimes think to myself that although what we went through was unbelievably heartbreaking, not once, but twice... our family wouldn't be the family we have right now if we hadn't gone through it.

So, the post from last July was not really a post to recycle... more a post that made me realise how truly lucky I am today.

I frickin love my boys.