Nate is on his feet!


Nate has been walking properly for just over a week.  He has started walking a lot more than he crawls... in fact, he hardly ever crawls now.  It's so exciting!  He loves looking around when he walks somewhere, to make sure other people are watching.  He had been taking a few steps for a couple of months... but he would only take them if you set the situation up and made him do them... he wouldn't have just done them by himself.  But one day he started! 

I've realised that our little family is growing up fast... no more baby time... all the things that are babyish, are very quickly being passed by.  A part of me pines for those days... but only because I know that Nate is my last baby.  I absolutely love the growing up part too.  I'm excited to see him run haha!