Our Trip To The Aquarium...

...First off, I am so annoyed... I took a bunch of awesome pictures, including ones of Ollie touching the ray, holding an anemone and holding a starfish.  For some reason my memory card was corrupted and the majority of my aquarium photos got destroyed. My mum took us to the aquarium on her week off.  We got our lunch in The Portaferry Hotel first of all.  It was delicious, but the portion size could have been a little bigger.  It was presented amazingly though... I ordered scampi and it came in a shell on a board decorated with seaweed!

It was a miserable day outside so it was nice to be doing something fun indoors.  The last time, Ollie wasn't too fussed on the aquarium but loved it this time.

Ollie loved seeing all the fish and especially loved touching them in the tank.  He wasn't keen on the anemone but loved holding the starfish and touching the ray.

Rays are such a cute fish... their underside looks like a body!  See it?  It looks like a face, ribs, a belly and little legs at the bottom.  So strange!  They like sticking up on the sides of the tank.  Ollie thought it was really funny!

The fish in this picture right in front of Ollie, was really weird!  It had sort of feet coming our of the side of its face that helped it 'walk' on the sand.  The picture doesn't really show it off the best.  It was weird seeing limbs out of their head, creeping along the sand.

At the end of our visit, me and the boys posed with this Jack Sparrow lookalike hehe.  Nate looks a bit wary!

It was a lovely day out, which ended with a trip on the ferry on the way back.