When Your Heart Feels Like Bursting...

Last night Nate spent his first night in a PROPER cot.  He outgrew his crib and though he is not yet sleeping through the night, we had no option but to move him out of our bedroom (the cotbed is too big for our room).  It was the plan from the moment we found out that baby no. 2 was going to be a boy, that both the boys would share a room.


So as I said... last night was Nate's first night sleeping in Ollie's ('The Boys') room.  He looked SO tiny in the big cotbed... he had grown out of his crib so much that he was nearly the length of it... the cotbed made quite a difference!

I settled Nate and while Nate was falling asleep, I climbed into Ollie's bed and read him a story (I had to whisper the story to him so as not to disturb Nate).  I told Ollie how big a deal it was having Nate in his room and how important his job as big brother is.  Ollie was so excited and pleased to have Nate sleeping in his room... he kept sitting up and peeking at Nate saying "Nope... not asleep yet".


I got the 'hearts gonna burst' feeling twice last night.  Once when I was leaving the room and telling Ollie I loved him.  He was lying down in his bed, grinning at me and then waved and as I was shutting the door I saw Nate sleeping soundly.  The second time was when I was going to bed, after I had fed Nate... I had settled him back down and both boys were alseep... and I could hear their sleepy breathing.  Everything in that moment was so perfect and lovely.  It was a definite 'living my dream' moment.

Those boys fill my heart each and every day and even though some days are filled with teething grumpiness and tantrums from the two of them... it's moments like this that make me realise just how lucky I am.