50 Ideas For A Rainy Day

We're not getting much a summer here in wet Belfast, Northern Ireland.  In fact... it seems to have rained for weeks solid.  Not the most enjoyable few weeks for a little boy who is off school for a whole 2 months!  As we're not planning to go away this summer, Rookie Mums inspired me to write a rainy day ideas list... something I can keep handy so as not to run out of ideas and have things become boring for my boy.

  1. Have an indoor picnic with food that little one has helped prepare.
  2. Don't just stay indoors... get your welly boots on and hunt down the puddles... splash!
  3. Make cheerio bird feeders.
  4. Print free colouring pages from the internet.
  5. Build a fort using chairs, blankets, sheets... we sometimes use his bunk beds as the base of the fort.
  6. Pop bubble wrap!
  7. Make playdough and have little one help... play with it afterwards using cutters and rolling pins etc.
  8. Make and play with oobleck.
  9. Paint with mud from outside.
  10. Get out the board games and jigsaws!
  11. Let your kid be a photographer for the day and upload his pictures for him to see.
  12. Play with marbles and make a marble run out of toilet paper tubes.
  13. Bake cookies or cake!
  14. Use toy cars to paint with... make tracks and see the different tracks different cars make...
  15. ...and then have a car wash in the sink with lots of bubbles.
  16. Go to the Library.
  17. Go to the Museum.
  18. Write a letter to a penpal.
  19. Play hide and seek.
  20. Make a suncatcher.
  21. Bake cupcakes and have little one decorate them himself.
  22. Make a storybook together and have him draw the pictures.
  23. Make paper airplanes and toss from the top of the stairs.
  24. Have him paint a huge canvas to display in the house.
  25. Make mugcake!
  26. Make a Christmas list using pictures cut out of catalogues.
  27. Read books.
  28. Play with stickers.
  29. Crayon bowling.
  30. Make pasta jewellery.
  31. Have a dance party in the living room.
  32. Make lava bottles.
  33. Play dress-up.
  34. Build an obstacle course inside.
  35. Have a talent show.
  36. Recycle old crayons into new ones!
  37. Play with coloured ice cubes in the bath.
  38. Make grass heads!
  39. Turn a laundry basket into a boat.
  40. Add googly eyes to family photos.
  41. Make a sensory tub.
  42. Paint with gloop.
  43. Create thumbprint pictures.
  44. Make a time capsule.
  45. Make smores.
  46. Make ice lollies.
  47. Have a movie marathon and bring out the popcorn etc.
  48. Paint rocks.
  49. Make lego cards for him to copy and build.
  50. Mix concoctions!