Ollie Graduated Preschool!

Ollie graduated preschool with a glowing report.  I can't believe he is done with pre-school forever and moving on, in September, to formal education!!  He is so ready, but part of me can't believe how far he has come in 4 years, or how FAST 4 years have gone by!  He learnt so much this past year, things I know he would not have learnt from me... so I know pre-school was a blessing for him.  He has come out of pre-school as a very independent, social and well mannered little boy.  I am so proud of him.

In this past year, Ollie has learnt to count, copy patterns, recognise some numbers and letters, knows his shapes... he can re-tell stories, recognise his own name (and can write it too!), can use scissors, knows about the weather, days of the week and changing seasons.

We went to his preschool graduation concert and it was excellent.  All the children sang 5 songs for the parents and then each was presented with a certificate and a folder containing artwork they had produced throughout the year.  There were photos in the folder too, of him enjoying his first day, the day a fire engine came to visit, the day someone brought animals in and the day I sent in his birthday cake.  So lovely.


I am so excited to see what the next year has in store for him... and so pleased so far with our choice of school.

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