Am I young to be settled with 2 kids?

I don't think that I am.  But according to the statistics the average age in the UK to marry is 28 1/2 and the average age for women becoming first time mums is 29 1/2.  I'm going to be 28 in a fortnights time though I've been married for 5 years and have both a 4 year old and an almost 6 month old.  I'm DONE having children before I'm 30 (as far as I can see!!) and I feel happy to be done with that stage of my life, having my complete family here now and for us all to grow together.

I was 21 when James and I got engaged, 22 when we married and 23 when I had my first child.  I don't feel like I missed out on anything getting married and having children younger than the UK average.  I sometimes think about how else I would have spent the last few years had I not followed this path.

When Ollie is 27 and Nate is 23 I will be 50.  The same age difference between Ollie and I as there is between me and my mum.  Me and my mum are very close.  I can tell her anything and I think it's her age that makes the difference in how close we are.  She is still young enough to do fun things with me and young enough be a super trendy fun Grandma.  I hope to be the same when I am her age.

Have I missed out on the student lifestyle?  Living with friends?  Travelling the world?  I don't think so.  I was never a big fan of going out and getting so drunk I pass out.... I also don't mind that James is the first person other than my family, that I have lived with.... and as for travelling the world?  I like to think that James and I did the family thing young enough that we will be in our early 50's when the kids have moved out and have families of their own... 50 is young enough to travel the world without responsibility... plus I envisage we will have more money in savings etc then than we do now, so travelling won't be such a struggle financially.  I'm looking forward to raising my children first, and living out retirement with my husband :)

So in answer to the question.... I don't think I am young to have got married and had children... it suits me perfectly and I wouldn't have it any other way.